Federal Fiscal Year (FFV) 2019 Funding Priorities

Eighty-two percent {82%) of very low-income renter households in California receive no housing subsidy assistance – Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher subsidy, Public Housing or other federal rental assistance – and they pay too much for rent. Of these renters, 73 percent {73%) pay more than half their income for housing. Nationally, only one quarter of those eligible for rent subsidy will ever receive any form of assistance.’ California’s Housing Authorities provide rental and homeownership opportunities, as well as critical services designed to address this crisis. Having stable funding is key to our success. We advocate a return to regular order as multiple, short term Continuing Resolutions (CRs) prevent Housing Authorities from completing critical budget-making processes, leaving agencies in limbo, threatening thousands of families with the loss of stable housing and putting at risk vital business investments in affordable housing.