Housing Choice Voucher Program

Housing Choice Voucher Program


HCD Statewide Housing Assessment released last February notes that from 2015-2025, approximately 1.8 million new housing units are needed here in California to meet projected population and household growth, or 180,000 new homes annually. In the last 10 years, California has built an average of just 80,000 homes a year, greatly impacting housing affordability.

The 2017 Housing Package provides a renewed focus on one of the most basic needs for every Californian... home. The housing package offers an injection of new regulatory and financial resources, and with it, an opportunity to innovate in the way we deliver housing throughout the state of California.

More Answers to Your Questions about California's 2017 Landmark Housing Package

You asked and we're answering! HCD just posted an updated list of frequently asked questions about California's Housing Package and he 15 game-changing laws within it.
Find out about:
  • Homelessness funding for SB 2
  • New information on SB 35 streamlined housing permits
  • Requirements for the Housing Element Annual Progress Report
  • New Housing Element requirements (AB 1397)
  • No-net-loss requirements (SB 166)
  • Housing enforcement activities (AB 72)

Plus SB 35 Interactive Map Webinar

Thank you to all who participated in HCD's July 12 webinar on the new SB 35 and Housing Element Open Data Project interactive map, which shows how well cities and counties are doing in addressing local housing needs (and which jurisdictions are subject to streamlined housing development under SB 35).
In case you missed it, check out a recording of the webinar and presentation slides on HCD's 2017 Housing Package webpage.
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"This represents the continuation in a big shift in how jurisdictions and HCD are working together. It is really exciting to see the partnership developing." - Elizabeth C.
We hope you too find our new, interactive map, and webinar helpful and informative.

We want your input on the implementation of the 2017 Housing Package. Email us with your thoughts and ideas at CAHP@hcd.ca.gov.