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Dear Friends and Colleagues:

What an amazing year for affordable housing. See the attached Legislative summary for details, but here are the highlights:

We are thrilled to say that CAHA's top priority bill,  SB 329 - Mitchell,  which prohibits discrimination against Housing Choice Voucher holders, has gone to the Governor's desk for signature!

Other CAHA high priority bills that have also gone to the Governor:

SB 5 - Beall.  New redevelopment program.
AB 1482 - Chiu  Caps rent increases at 5% + CPI and prohibits all but just cause evicitions
AB 1763 - Chiu  Reduces barriers to development of 100% affordable housing projects and grants increased density bonuses for these projects.
SB 330 - Skinner  Creates streamlined regulatory processes to face the affordable housing crisis
Our other high priority measure, SCA 1 - Allen, et al, which repeals Article 34 of the State Constitution and eliminates voter approval on public housing projects, passed the Senate unanimously, and is currently being held at the Assembly desk. we expect it to be taken up at the beginning of the 2020 session, where it will sent to the Governor for signature. Next step will be writing the ballot language for the 2020 ballot. There is no known opposition to the constitutional amendment, and near unanimous approval in the legislature. Success will depend on the effectiveness on the ballot campaign. We will let you know when it's time to start that crucial work!

We did suffer some disappointments, but we will be back with concerted efforts to make the state housing tax credit permanent for five years and to further reduce barriers to development. As soon as the new legislative session gets underway we'll let you know what's back in play.