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Vanessa Cooper, City of Alameda Housing Authority, President

Suket Dayal, San Diego Housing Commission, Vice President

Chris Gouig, Housing Authority of the County of Alameda

Grace Stepter, City of Anaheim

Lewis Jordan, Marin Housing

Roberto Chavez, City of Redondo Beach

Ana Gamiz, Housing Authority of the County of San Bernardino


CAHA Staff

Mary Ellen Shay, Association Manager

Renee L. Hayer, Administrative Assistant

About CAHA

The California Association of Housing Authorities (CAHA) is a statewide association representing over seventy-five housing authorities throughout the state of California. Formed in 2010, CAHA merged three separate housing authority groups into one fully integrated association. Our purpose is to meet the needs of the 395,000 households we serve by advocating on behalf of our residents and our agencies in both California and Washington DC.We are actively involved in all aspects of affordable housing finance, rental management issues, and housing and land use law. We closely follow the programs and policies of State housing agencies and the federal HUD budget. Through our Northern and Southern California Chapters, we address the training needs of our members by providing timely seminars on a variety of topics regarding the Housing Choice Voucher program and the administration of Public Housing. Since many of our members are also housing developers, we monitor programmatic and legislative activities for all types of affordable housing – family housing, senior housing and special needs housing.

By joining forces with our colleagues in affordable housing, including the California Housing Consortium, Housing California, the Northern and Southern California Non-Profit Housing Associations, and the California Coalition for Rural Housing (among others) we are at the forefront of legislative policy making. We are the only association that represents PHAs in these collective enterprises.If you are interested in getting more information about CAHA, please contact us through the website.